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March 2024 - Very large double dancing pot, ht 55cm, w 53cm, d 19cm.

Stoneware/cone 6.  Textured/painted glazes.

I relocated back to the UK in August 2020, to be near all my family.

I set up my workshop here, in the Staffordshire Moorlands, in October 2020, working steadily through lockdown, and now establishing and re-establishing Gallery connections

UK stockists (of new work direct from the artist):

  •  Miar Arts, both online and directly from the Gallery (large pots in person from the Gallery only). contact through their website MIAR Ceramics & Arts | Gallery for leading potters & artists (

  • Contemporary Ceramics Centre  Craft Potters Association Gallery in Gt Russell St, London

  • Montpellier Gallery, 8 Chapel St, Stratford upon Avon

  • Leigh Gallery, Hastings now has new work direct from me

Known resellers of earlier work:

See recent pots and current news on instagram and on the blog


Australian stockists:

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