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Welcome to the website!

Now living and working in the Staffordshire Moorlands, England, there was an exhibition in December 2020 of recent work from my former Glasshouse Mountains workshop, in Brisbane, Australia   Makers Gallery Australia

See recent pots and current news on this facebook page and on the blog


My facebook page also features posts of earlier works going back to the mid 1980s, and exhibition invites from that period

Makers Gallery Australia

"Our last solo Exhibition of 2020 at Makers Gallery, Brisbane"

Julian King-Salter UK Qld

 launched December 1 online and onsite.


Photos below of work being made at my former workshop in Glasshouse Mountains:

then in June 2018, i got the use of my shed back, and started making pots and mixing glazes in there


and continued glazing and firing in the outdoor kiln shed

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